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Client Testimonials

What do my customers say?

A quick note to thank you for achieving closing this past week.  A major accomplishment (and challenging) and very appreciated since we can hold our schedules.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Regards, Jim Michael



Thank you for your professional handling of our real estate needs.
Stu & Dana

Mike Carter reflects a high level of professionalism that is not always found in real estate deals on Roatan. What can be perceived as a more detailed and tenuous process with Mike vs. other realtors will yield you a more detailed and precise real estate event at closing due to his work to assure you have excellent, achievable and realistic results. If you are involved in a foreign financial transaction of significant value, you want Mike, and his network, with a high level of experience and trustworthiness backing you up.

Debbie Lybrand – Sandy Bay


My experience with Roatan Life and specifically, Mike Carter extends almost 10 years. Roatan Life has delivered on all of the Home Management needs of our condominium complex in a way that no one on the island could have. As president of the Home Owners Association I found Mike, Gene and their entire team to be reliable, trustworthy and the best value for our money. I give them credit for upholding the value of our investment in Roatan even through the tough economic times.

Mike Carter is by far the best realtor I’ve had the pleasure to work with both on the island and in the U.S. He worked diligently and honestly and was able to list and sell my Condominium in Roatan in less than 3 months. Mike has incredible insights into the Roatan real estate market, that was a big factor in matching the right buyer for our property. Mike ensured that the sales process was complete, accurate, timely and that the experience was mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

I would recommend Mike Carter and Roatan Life for all of your buying, selling and management services  in Roatan. I look forward to working with Mike carter on the purchase of our next Roatan home and will be confident that my property will be safe in the management hands of Roatan Life. If you would like to speak with me about my experience, please don’t hesitate to call me, Mike has my contact information.

Rick Hamilton Views of Sunset Estates 1-B


We have visited Roatan annually since first falling in love with the island and its people in 2004. When we finally could fulfill our dream of owning property on the island, we asked friends of ours, longtime Roatan residents, who they would recommend as a real estate agent. We were told Mike Carter was our man. It wasn’t long before we realized why Mike was so eagerly recommended, not only by our friends, but by many postings on an internet newsgroup as well. Mike’s professionalism shone through during every step of our home purchasing adventure.

After an almost-instant response to our initial email of introduction, Mike disseminated our vision, needs and tastes and arranged for a tour of properties to take place during our recent visit. During that tour Mike’s vast insight into the island’s real estate market, as well as island life in general became apparent. His honest assessment and thorough knowledge of each property was very helpful in our narrowing a long list to just two properties.
Having headed back to the U.S. we then weighed the pros and cons of each of the prospective properties. Numerous email messages sent to Mike asking questions about the properties’ more specific peculiarities were always returned with very quick, thorough responses; a testament to his commitment to excellent customer service.

Mike’s superior communication skills and attentiveness came to the forefront again throughout the negotiating and closing phases of our real estate purchase. Without being on the island, we were quite reluctant to believe that the purchasing process could be as easy as we had been told. Yet Mike’s quick and patient responses to our multitude of emailed concerns were very reassuring and put us at ease.

Quite frankly, we do not believe that there could possibly be a real estate agent on Roatan that comes close to meeting the high standards of customer service that Mike Carter has set. His superior professionalism, hard work and diligent attention to customers’ needs allow us to wholeheartedly, and unconditionally add our recommendation of his already long list of positive references.

Neil Wade and Cheryl Terrance – Lawson Rock Condos


I listed my home for sale with Mike Carter at Roatan Life Real Estate and was very pleased with his high level of professionalism and communication.  He and his staff had regular showings and managed to sell my million-dollar home during the worst economic conditions.  I also credit Mike with holding the deal together during some difficult negotiations with the buyer.  In the end, Mike helped me increase my financial leverage beyond the sale price while securing 3 weeks use of the property for the next 5 years.  I recommend Mike Carter and the entire team at Roatan Life.

Mark West former owner Roatan Casa


Dear Mike:

We wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all of your efforts to-date on assisting us with the purchase of our villa at The Meridian at Lighthouse Point. While this letter may be premature, since we have not gone to closing, we are close and your efforts to-date are truly astounding.

We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in helping us to locate, research, and purchase this property. You’re clearly going above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with this purchase and helping us successfully navigate the various issues that arise, since this is new construction and we are unfamiliar with real estate on Roatan.

While we have made trips to the island, they have been minimal since your commitment has allowed us to do most things by email or phone. Without these efforts, there is no doubt we would have had to make additional trips and incur additional costs, as well as the added frustration. When we did make our trips to the island, including our vacation, your help in obtaining lodging, car rental, and even a cell phone to use while we were there was a true blessing. I must also take this time to commend Jonathan Lickstein at your Roatan Life Vacation Rentals office for all his great efforts also.

As we get closer to closing I would not hesitate to recommend Roatan Life Real Estate and Roatan Life Vacation Rentals to anyone.

Again, thank you very much. Sincerely,
Jim and Loretta Swartz – Columbia MD


Not knowing much about the island, and having only a day to explore, we contacted Mike Carter–who I found by surfing the internet. To make a long story short, he picked us up at the dock and showed us a wide variety of places to purchase on the island, including Infinity, which was close to his office. He had no idea who we were, but took a great amount of time with us to show us many kinds of property on the island he obviously loves. We found him to be an invaluable source of information. When we got back to the states, the idea of investing in Infinity didn’t go away, although getting answers to questions from Mike helped clarify things.

Perhaps the sale would have gone smoothly anyway, but buying through Mike gave us a great amount of peace of mind. He gave what we feel be unbiased advice as we went through the process, and each time we received communication from Infinity, Mike followed up with email letting us know that he had confirmed information, and all was in order.

Frank and Verna Kokmeyer


When we met you in 2009, we just knew that we would be starting an incredible adventure with the Roatan Life team and what an adventure it has been! From our initial meeting through the purchase of our retirement home, the Roatan Life team has been with us every step of the way guiding us through the process, coordinating meetings with lawyers, home inspectors, assisting us with establishing bank accounts etc (the list goes on and on). We certainly took you at your word when you told us to “call if you need anything, anything at all”! Without the invaluable assistance of Juliette and her translations, we certainly would have had a rough ride those first few months. All these many months after our house purchase was concluded, and your team is still there for us to answer our questions, make recommendations and provide overall support should we need it – this is an incredibly comforting feeling to us “Island Newbies” to know that we can turn to the experts who will send us in the right direction!

The mark of a successful business is the degree of customer service and customer satisfaction that they deliver and you and your team deliver Platinum Level Concierge Services and we would not hesitate to recommend you and your team! We have sung the praises of Roatan Life to everyone we know and will continue to do so for years to come! Your team has delivered on your initial promise that “we will be there for you after the sale”. Our heartfelt thanks to all for helping to make our retirement dream a reality!

Lin and John – Florida now Roatan


After a few years of enjoying Roatan there was a change of health and John and Lin moved back to the states.  I got this testimonial on selling their home for them as well ”
John and I cannot thank each of you enough for all of your help and guidance these past 4 years.  We always knew that we had a team in our corner that we could turn to when we were confused or unsure of how to proceed with the normal day to day life on Roatan and it’s often confusing laws and regulations.

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have had you as our realtor Mike and now that our Roatan Adventure has come to an end we find there really are no words to express our gratitude.

The team that you have working with you sets the gold standard for excellence in customer service and you can be justifiably proud of the stellar reputation that your company has.

You should feel free to use these comments as a testimonial on your website should you wish to do so.

With our very best regards,
Lin and John


Mike Carter is someone you can count on-before, during and after your home purchase Living so far away and having two small children, we didn’t have a lot of time to spare once we arrived on the island. From our first email, Mike was efficient and insightful in helping us narrow down our choices, so we could focus on the homes that would suit us best. Mike not only went out of his way to show us every home we wanted to see on our schedule, he also introduced us to the people and culture of the island that we have now come to love and cherish. After buying our home, we know that if there’s anything we need, we can still call Mike, and he is always willing to help. If you’re looking for an honest, straightforward, knowledgeable realtor, Mike is the one for you.

Bill and Karen Hank
Nevada, USA